Ken Fandell


Here in California

Live Forever





Colored Landscapes

Color Theory Ghosts

Tie Dye Grids

Don't Let Life Lose Its Mystery

Crystals Messages

Crystal Mess Pattern

Crystal Order Pattern

Crystals Lines

Crystals Arcs

Crystals Dense

Lasers and Fog Fields (1, 2, 3)

Lasers and Fog (R, G, B)

Lasers and Fog (Line Studies 1-6)

Lasers and Fog

Crystals and Waves


All the Skies Above Asheville


Bananas and Stars

Hair Monster

Weird Planet

Bougainvillea Around the Block


Edge of the World


Palm Drawings

Revolved Rorschach

Squares and Circles and Sex and Stardust

Too Much


There There




Days and Nights, Dawns and Dusks, North and South, East and West, Mine and Yours (2009)

Twelve Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thirteen Millionths

I Swear to God That's Me

One Millimeter Squares from One Meter Away

Until it Doesn't Matter

Part 1


The Most Important Picture Ever

Order and Structure were Just Beginning to Emerge

16 Moments Amidst 1 of the Best Times I Ever Had (forward) and 16 Moments Amidst 1 of the Best Times I Ever Had (backward)

A Spider, Long Ago and That Same Spider, Shortly Thereafter

Possible Model for Collaborative, Collective, Committee or Mob Thinking and Another Possible Model for Collaborative, Collective, Committee or Mob Thinking 

It Always Starts and Comes Back to Here (100s of Days and Nights and Dawns and Dusks Above and Beyond Chicago)

Rise and Set

You Are Somwhere Around Here

Days and Nights, Dawns and Dusks, North and South, East and West, Mine and Yours (2007)

Nothing Remotely To Do With Language (a study)

No Idea of Height nor Depth of Origin



Unsure Studies 1-7

An Infinite Range of Ideas (a study)

Mornings, Days, and Nights

The Planets

The Planet

From Me to You and Most of the Space In Between

Thinking of You Thinking of Me

Hundreds of Skies Above and Beyond Manhattan

There Here (Chicago Vienna)

From Up and Down and Still Somehow

This Is Not What I Saw

All the Skies Above (Berkeley, Chicago, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia,
San Francisco, Seattle, Venice, Vienna and various points in between; October 14th, 2002 - March 8th, 2004)

The Sky Above Here (Seattle, WA, May 2003)

The Sky Above My Home (10/6/2002 - 6/14/2003)

The Sky Elsewhere (Northern California, Lower Austria and Northern Italy, 2003)

It Might Look Good this Way Too

This is Sort of Happening All the Time

No Idea

All of It/Everything


A Story at Sunset project

Things to Remember at Sunset

Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Really CLose to Seeing it All

 I'm So Excited

100 Things I'd Like to Have Said to Me as Constellations

Messages to the Ocean

Approximately 100' of Tracings of a Crystal Geyser Water Bottle Label

Thoughts I Had on a Hike in First and Second Person

Almost There (Also Sprach Zarathustra)

Its Hard and I Could Use Some Help

The Words

Seven Plants in the Corner of My Studio

360 Views of a Cube in the Distance

Trying to Get a Picture of the Full Moon While Driving in My Truck in Los Angeles on the First Day of 1999

Possible Colors of the Almost Cube

101 Views of a Phrase

Two Little Models I Put Together In My Studio




I Mean

And Then...

If Only...






To Scale

What Else I Saw

An Autobiography



untitled (bathroom)




Representation: Traywick Contemporary